Renter’s Insurance
Personal Property & Liability Insurance

INSURANCE: I understand that my personal property is not insured by the Lessor (Landlord), and agree to maintain a Renter's Insurance Policy for the duration of the lease and each succeeding lease. I agree to provide Landlord proof of insurance within 15 days of move-in. I agree to name “Martin Jaffe Investment Company” as “additional insured”.
Lessor & Lessee acknowledge that there is no way for the Lessor to adequately insure the Lessee’s personal property because there is no way for the Lessor to have knowledge of the Lessee’s Personal Property value.
Lessee will name the Lessor, Martin Jaffe Investment Company as “additional insured” for Liability issues that might arise out of the Lessee’s actions.
Lessee agrees to pay 50% of Lessor’s deductible in the event that an insurance claim results inside of Lessee apartment or common area as a result of Lessee’s actions or inaction. Lessor maintains deductibles of $1,000 and $2,500 to maintain reasonable insurance premiums and affordable rents to the Lessees.
Failure of Lessee to furnish evidence of Renter’s Insurance within 15 days of move in, naming MJIC “additional insured”, and maintaining this Renter’s Insurance during the duration of the lease may result in the Lessor charging $25 per month extra potential risk. This charge may be assessed against the Lessee’s Security Deposit.

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Renter’s insurance generally costs $75-$150 annually depending upon the insured amount, deductible, and actual vs. replacement costs. This $6.25 to $12.50 per month for loss & liability insurance.
Your current auto insurer more than likely offers “Renter’s Insurance” (Personal Property & Liability)… You might be eligible for a discount from your current auto insurer.
Please reference Martin Jaffe Investment Company in an attempt to get 1) better pricing 2) insurer might have your property on file…

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